Trying to read fair pieces, with both the extreme right and left crying out about false news and lies.
This seems a fair analysis. How did his voters honestly believe he cares about them? He literally lives in a gold tower. Now he’s filling the cabinet like a reality tv show. 

He will “clean up” Washington and make real change by hiring washed up scandal ridden politicians and Wall Street. He’ll lower taxes (but only if you’re upper class.) He’ll overturn Supreme Court rulings (except he doesn’t have the power to do so.) 

This whole nonsense of not taking a salary is just a show for his supporters. How about that he’ll be using our money to fly back and forth so he can sleep in one of his many gold beds?

Basically starting off with everything he accused Hillary of. 

Half of America

Glen shared this with me a while back and while it was eye opening, I didn’t know (or chose not to see) how much of our population fits this profile. 
And this week, as we are in shock that a real estate tycoon weaseled his way into the presidency, I am just understanding he pulled off the greatest con there ever was. He said things even he might not believe just to get votes. I don’t even think he wants this job. 
Statistics show most of his voters are working class, no college degree whites. They really are that dumb to think the man in the nice suit from a gold tower in the big city will save them. 
Rest assured, those that’ll suffer the most: working class, uneducated, unskilled people. Oh and Florida. (environment) I’ll just sit back and laugh at them. 

Morning of mourning 

This morning, I felt the same as I did when I woke up on September 12, 2001. This time though, United States of America: you let this happen. 
Because of this nation’s sick love for reality television, you let a racist, sexist bully go this far. Instead of swallowing your pride about Hillary, you settled. 

It may be a cop-out, but today I’m glad I’m not an elementary teacher and that my daughter’s too young so I don’t have to explain this to children. 

My first time applying to be an elementary school teacher in NYC independent schools, I was told I needed two years’ teaching experience and a Master’s degree. But a man with no political experience, no graduate degree (his undergrad cannot even list any of his university accomplishments) can be president. Another thing I can’t explain to children. Maybe elementary teaching is a tougher job than POTUS?  

Red states have spoken up and are putting a KKK endorsed rapist into the White House with his third wife, a nudey magazine model/illegal immigrant as First Lady. Classy, folks. And the first time ever, we have a president elect on trial for sex with a minor.

Social media posts are being made about moving out of the country. I think that’s a cowardly reaction. Don’t leave, stay and help clean up the mess you made. Hopefully, checks and balances will stop him from the crazy ideas he’s suggested. I spent 8 years living in a communist country. My grandparents sacrificed everything and escaped Mao which is why I’m alive today. So I won’t easily forget democracy is a privilege. Even when it’s flawed and we have to accept the outcome, I think it’s pretty great here already. I’d venture to say that I’ve traveled more, seen more, and am more educated than the average DT voter and I know it’s great. 

Today the Democratic Party needs to start looking for the one who will win in 2020. Four years will go by fast. We got this. #StrongerTogether #YesWeCan #Hope

Independence Day

After eight years away, it’s my first Independence Day back in the US that I know I’ll be settling in for a bit. 

We get questions and comments about why we are moving to the US. Yes, we’re aware of what problems exist here. Yes, there are still many more interesting places to live, to travel, to teach. Right now, it’s what feels right, and home is where the heart is.

There are many problems here, but there are many problems out there too. After needing a mask to go outside, machines to clean our household air, having our mobile phones tracked and experiencing censorship, the U-S-of-A is a pretty fine place to live right now.

Plus, I have my immigrant husband and baby girl in tow. We wanted her to know a bit more about what it means to be American and Canadian. I’m not so sure myself or maybe I’ve forgotten, so we’ll all figure it out together. Happy US Independence Day and happy belated Canada Day, friends and family.

My Travel Map!

I hate to be a country counter, but everyone else is doing it so…. (note, I do not count places where I have had a layover!)

Elvina’s Travel Map

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